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Military Family Appreciation Month – Here’s How To Give Back!

November is Military Family Appreciation Month. It’s a good thing. Military families need to have more appreciation.
While members of the U.S. military sacrifice a lot for Americans to enjoy our freedom, they aren’t the only ones who sacrifice. Family members also make a huge sacrifice. Spouses often must endure months of being away from their husbands or wives and are forced to take up the slack in household duties, paying the bills, and taking care of other family business when the spouse is away. Children go for long stretches without having parents around to do things like read bedtime stories, talk to, and attend events.
In some ways, families make bigger sacrifices than service members. The service members themselves make a choice to the military. Family members are often at the mercy of that choice, themselves without one.
If you’ve ever felt that saying “thank you” to members of our Armed Forces wasn’t enough. . . you can now show your gratitude in a way that will ease the mind of every father and mother who proudly wear our nation’s uniform.   With your help we can brighten the holiday season for our troops and their families.
You can show our troops you haven’t forgotten their sacrifice by joining us as we distribute Christmas Care packages to the families of our soldiers.  This holiday season you can give a gift with a greater value than any you’ve ever given before. . . What kind of price tag can be put on hope and appreciation?  Please lend us a helping hand. . .  We can only put these care packages together with your help.
I can’t think of a better way to say “thank you” to a deployed solider than to ensure that his/her family is taken care of this Christmas season. With three easy steps. . .you can bring peace where there has been anxiety. . . you can bring joy where it’s badly needed. . .you can say thank you in a way far greater than a tip of the hat or a hand clap.  You can put the Merry in Christmas for a deployed soldier’s family.
Here’s how:

Step #1: We want to give the families of our deployed soldiers a Christmas card with your words of encouragement and appreciation. Send us an email to with some words of encouragement and appreciation.  I will print it and place it inside a Christmas Care Package we personally deliver to a soldier’s family.

I can tell you from experience that the knowledge of your concern for them will bring a tear to their eyes . . .as they realize you appreciate the sacrifices their family is making for your freedom.


STEP #2: Take a moment and reflect on how many families you want to help this Christmas.  Whether you send $25 or $2500 – any gift amount shows that you care about helping the families of our deployed troops during the holiday season. Please send what you can today.


STEP #3: Go to and click on “One Time Donation” to give your best gift of support as your commitment to remember America’s Heroes and their families during the holiday season this year.

Your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you can know. Thank you for sharing your blessings during this holiday season.


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