Support Those Who Fight For Our Freedom



Support the troops as well as strengthen their families by joining the Support U.S. Armed Forces Corporate Sponsors Program. The core of our mission is to encourage, raise morale, and show support for our military and their families.

Our Corporate Sponsors make unrestricted annual contributions. Program monies are used to fund programs for our military, their families, and our veterans.

It’s good business to do business with Support U.S. Armed Forces.
Our Corporate Sponsorship program can:

  • Enhance your company’s public image
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Boost employee morale by supporting a cause they have a connection to.
    (Over 75% of workforces have a personal connection to the military)
  • Contribute to an increase in sales
  • All donations benefit your local communities where you operate.

We have options to customise recognition programs for our sponsors.

To become a Corporate Sponsor contact us today